Organisations understand the importance of tracking phone calls and obtaining data, but the big question we ask is how can we use deeper analysis to improve your business? And how can we do this cost effectively?

We spoke to Jonathan our Product Manager here at AVANSER, to talk us through two products we have in the market – Call Evaluation and the recently introduced Call Evaluation Plus to find out how these products can be used to answer the above questions.


Jonathan, what is Call Evaluation and how does it work?

There is so much rich data that can be obtained from a simple phone call, Call Tracking is a fantastic tool for providing analytics. Call Evaluation takes it a step further and covers the last big hole in call tracking, it provides a much deeper analysis into the content of the call. It helps us understand and improve the user experience, which is invaluable to any organisation.

When building this product we really wanted to make it as customisable as possible. It can be used in so many ways. The clients can simply add a series of questions to the phone call for the agent to answer whilst on the call, they then can use this to analyse the call. For example, it can raise red flags or assist to close a sale.  The results are very easy to obtain – the client can just go back into the AVANSER portal and analyse it at any time.

This is a fantastic feature, who can use Call Evaluation?

Call Evaluation really can assist any business as it can be used in so many ways – from helping to close a sale, to training and development – it can be even used to input the data for a product order.

A good example of how this product is being used is a leading NBN provider, they were using it to categories their tech calls so they could better understand the nature of their existing client calls. What insights they gained were how they could better handle the calls, making sure the calls were going through to the correct department, they were also using the information to understand how to better engage with their clients.

Tell us about this new product Call Evaluation Plus?  

AVANSER listens to your calls for you.

This is essentially an add-on to Call Evaluation. What Call Evaluation Plus does is evaluate the calls for you. The client simply provides us with the key objectives and what information they want to obtain from the call, what we then do is translate this into meaningful data and provide this to the client.

The beauty of this product is that it removes the labour costs involved to evaluate each call – saving the client a significant amount of time and resources.  Let AVANSER do it for you.


 What are the key features of Call Evaluation Plus?

We understand that every organisation is unique and uses phone calls for different purposes, they need to be evaluated for a different reason we essentially build the product around the clients overall corporate objectives, it is customised for every client.

Can you give an example of how Call Evaluation Plus is currently being used in the marketplace? 

Our largest Call Evaluation Plus client use the product to assess their new car sales calls, helping them build training materials. They also use it to trigger alerts to their zone managers for any major concerns that are identified during the call.

Who would benefit the most from using Call Evaluation Plus?

Really the product is designed for the busy enterprise that has big call volumes and don’t have the time or resources to go through and analyse each call. Essentially it removes any labour costs, which can be extremely costly.

From a product development perspective, what’s in the pipeline for Call Evaluation Plus?

The next step for Call Evaluation Plus will be reviewing the analytics and reporting. We already have some fantastic reporting and analytics tools. What we want to do is make that even better and more insightful.  Clients will be able to utilise the data provided to make business decisions and improve their profitability.