DEANE ADAMS, Head of Client Servicing, AVANSER




10 Years at AVANSER – My Story


As a Sales Professional my career was a long stream of 2 – 4 years stints with a wide range of companies and industries. From wine to petroleum to Retail (Baby goods!) I had done it all. I had even dabbled in human trafficking (aka Recruitment); my reason for constantly moving on was that I was easily bored if not challenged. Never did I contemplate remaining at the same company for 10 years but now I have reached that milestone with AVANSER.

Looking back now I see that the company achieved all that I had imagined and more. Call tracking at the time was still in its infancy as a service to business; and sales calls usually meant the first half of your visit time was explaining exactly what it was, and why it was useful!

Online tracking was not available at the time and most of a client’s marketing spend went to print media. The ability to know instantly what media source generated a specific call was a revelation to savvy marketers and after a slow, start the service started to really take off; particularly within the Automobile industry.

From those humble beginnings to where AVANSER is now; I am still excited by the opportunities for new services that present themselves. It is the company’s ability to tailor specifically what we do with a client’s needs that makes working here so amazing, which is probably why I am still here; it simply never gets boring! I still remember the very first time we reached 100 minutes of tracked calls for the day, it was such a huge highlight. 

I have been blessed to work with a wide range of talented individuals who have helped to get AVANSER to be the company it is today.  And the opportunities provided to me are beyond what I would have visualised at the start. Selling Call tracking into Poland, Germany and the USA has been the highlight and the fact that many of my first signings are still clients just further confirms my opinion from the initial meeting with the company 10 years ago.

AVANSER is a company that offers a real value service, and those services are limitless; the opportunity to customise solutions depending on our clients needs is the best part about our company – and I still love being a part of it!