AVANSER AutoGate Pro Integration

AVANSER’s integration with AutoGate Pro allows call data to be presented directly within the Dealer Management System. The integration allows AVANSER’s captured call data to be displayed and attributed directly to the automotive leads. The advantage of the AVANSER integration is having call data centralised with other data sources in AutoGate Pro, allowing for effective reporting and actionable business insights.


How does the integration work?

Once a connection between AVANSER and AutoGate Pro is made, AVANSER automatically pushes call data into the platform. This data will automatically create and/or be attributed to existing leads. Each AVANSER tracking number can be assigned to a separate Carsales group advertisement, which allows for calls to that number to be attributed directly to that ad listing. Calls not from Carsales listings can also be imported into AutoGate Pro. All call data reported by AVANSER is available inside AutoGate Pro, including online session details and the call recording (if enabled).


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