AVANSER Datorama Integration

AVANSER’s integration with Datorama allows call data to be presented directly within the dashboard. The integration allows AVANSER’s captured call data to be displayed in multiple forms through the use of Datorama’s powerful reporting functionality. The advantage of the AVANSER integration is having call data centralised with other data sources in a dashboard solution, enabling effective reporting and actionable business insights.


How does the integration work?

Once a connection to AVANSER is made within Datorama, AVANSER automatically pushes call data into the dashboard. This data can then be mapped to existing or custom Datorama fields for use in widgets. What data is pulled and how often can be configured in the data source settings. The imported data is stored as files within the Datorama database, allowing them to be accessed at any time for use in the dashboard. Data manipulation can be accomplished through the use of formulas within custom measurements and dimensions, allowing data to be represented in whatever form is required.


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